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Make Customer Success
A Team Sport

Free up CSM time to build relationships and drive outcomes. Automate customer intelligence for revenue and product teams.
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Increase NRR & GRR

Drive growth by delivering business outcomes that each customer expects

Increase  Rev / Employee

Create bigger business impact without adding headcount

Ignite Learning Velocity

Make customer insights accessible and actionable for your entire company


Understand and Action Customer Context

Increase NRR & GRR

Take the right (and best) next steps for each customer based on historical interactions, product usage, and other customer context. Use AI to unlock:

Outcome Delivered
Relationship Strength


Personalize Customer Engagement

Improve  Revenue / Employee

Gen AI powers workflow to identify and personalize follow-up tasks that are specific to each customer engagement. Extract and automate tasks through:

Multi-channel support (Meeting, Email, Slack)
Meeting follow-up email
Generated EBRs, Account Plan, and Churn Review documents
Call Recorder (Zoom, Meet, Teams)


Share collective customer context

Ignite Learning Velocity

Make it easy for revenue and product teams to understand customer insights and systematically act on them, including:

Product blockers
Value realized
Top feature requests
Customer Goal tracking

How Statisfy Works

Statisfy Knowledge Graph

Complete customer context delivered through 100+ connectors to assess multi-channel interactions, product usage, CRM data and external data

Dynamic Workflow Engine

Proprietary AI extracts customer-specific tasks and insights building on the Statisfy knowledge graph and customer goals, and speeds up tasks

LLM powered Stella

Empowers entire organization to query and synthesize customer insights using natural language prompts and generate customer documents i.e. EBRs

Integrate to your existing workflow

With 100+ integrations, Statisfy fits into your current workflow, so you can spend more time with customers and less with CS tools

Security and Compliances

We are on a mission to make CSMs more successful by developing a GenAI native CSM CoPilot to deliver customer outcomes and build relationships.

Visit Statisfy Trust Center
Protecting CSM<>Customer time is critical. I fully expect Statisfy to make my team more efficient, enabling them to focus more time on building relationships and human-to-human connections.
Luke Diaz
Director of Customer Success
AI has been incredible for things that would have otherwise taken much longer to do...driving both efficiency and effectiveness - helping us scale.
Ashvin Vaidyanathan
Vice President, Customer Success and Insights
Statisfy powers unparalleled visibility in to customer insights at the Executive level.
Lalit Singh
Statisfy generated Meeting follow-ups and Sentiment are better than anything I have seen from other AI solutions. I love the weekly highlights/lowlights email digest - helps me focus and keeps my manager informed
Conner Truehaft
Senior Customer Success Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any further inquiries? Please feel free to get in touch with us.

Will you replace my Customer Success Platform?

No! Statisfy is a Customer Intelligence Solution built with 100+ Integrations which delivers Actionable Customer Context, Workflows to Personalize Customer Engagements, and Synthesized Insights for product and revenue teams. Statisfy integrates with existing CSPs like GainSight and also works with enterprises which use CRM tools like Salesforce for their post-sales teams.

What is Statisfy’s security posture?

Statisfy was built with Enterprise-grade security and data privacy in mind. Keeping our customer’s data secure and private is one of our core values.Statisfy is SOC II Type 1, GDPR and CPRA (CCPA) compliant. Please refer to the Statisfy Trust Center to understand the policies, technical solutions, and controls we employ to help secure your data.

Is Statisfy SOC II compliant?

Yes. Statisfy is SOC II Type 1 compliant. We expect to complete SOC II Type 2 certification by June 2024.

Does Statisfy use my data for LLM training?

No. We do not use your data to train our LLMs.

Can I request that my data be deleted?

Yes. Just send an email to

What types of personal data do you process?

Our platform provides integrations to a wide array of corporate systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Workspace etc., along with Video Conference systems like Zoom, Conversational Intelligence platforms like Gong etc