We are on a mission to make Customer Success A Team Sport

Our Story

As we launch Statisfy today, we reflect on what inspired us to start: the belief that Customer Success should be a true team sport.

From building Productiv and leading Revenue Ops at LinkedIn, I’ve experienced firsthand that a winning team needs the right context and capabilities to make synchronized Customer Success plays and deliver success at scale. But for too long now, Customer Success teams have struggled without the right tools and context to truly shine.

And that’s the problem Navin and I were excited to solve.

We believe that Generative AI is transformative in its capacity to orchestrate Customer Context at scale. Whether it's guiding customers back on track or enhancing relationships; contextual insights and automation hold the key to orchestrating the right customer experience and journey at each stage. 

We're building Statisfy to help CS teams make each customer interaction efficient and impactful. With Statisfy, contextual insights and automation come together to help CS personnel orchestrate the ideal customer experience at every stage. And play in lockstep with the Product, Revenue, and Marketing teams who are then able to grasp and action the Voice of the Customer with the depth and nuance they have been hungry for. 

We are AI Powered | Human Perfected™. While AI excels at insights and automation, we recognize the irreplaceable role of human expertise in building relationships and driving outcomes. That's why we empower CSMs/AMs to take ownership of these critical aspects by freeing up their bandwidth to do just that.

I am so thrilled to introduce Statisfy to the world. We are in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime revolution to fundamentally alter the way work is done. At Statisfy, we are on a mission to make this AI revolution accessible to the Customer Success community. Join us and grab this moment of adrenaline rush. I promise it’s going to be exhilarating! 

Our Founders

Munish Gandhi

Co-founder and CEO

As the CS Leader at Productiv, Munish realized CS tools weren’t built for CSMs. They were built for CS Leaders, as a system of accountability.

So, he set out to build a tool actually designed for CSMs. A tool to help CSMs build trusted relationships and deliver business outcomes. A tool that uses AI to take care of everything else. A tool called Statisfy

Discover Munish's Vision of Founding Statisfy

Navin Agrawal

Co-founder and CTO

Navin loves solving complex challenges with simple, intelligent solutions. This inspired him at Google and multiple startups to develop his AI expertise.

It's also what sparked his passion to deliver customer intelligence to any company: harnessing AI's power not just for automation, but to elevate human efforts towards more strategic and impactful endeavors.

Discover Navin's Vision to Founding Statisfy

Backed By

we are proud to have the support and confidence of a diverse group of investors who believe in our vision and mission

Our Advisors

At Statisfy, we are honored to work closely with a advisors whose expertise, guidance, and industry insights enrich our strategic decision-making.

Rajat Monga

Founder TensorFlow and Inference.io

Vache M

SVP of Product at Observe.ai

Larry Augustin

Former CEO, SugarCRM

J Zac Stein

Board Member Vanta and Writer

Ashvin V

VP of CS and Insights, LinkedIn

Rishi Bhargava

Cofounder, Descope

Josh Leslie

CEO, Gremlin

Jim Mercer

Former Head of CS, Zoom

Shreesha R

Founder, StrikeDeck

Our Values

We drive to lead; We are strategic and ambitious change agents who drive results
Every Day Matters
We drive urgency; We are owners - decisive and deliberate
Customer Obsession
We strive to deeply understand and solve customer problems; We are empathetic
We drive to build mutual trust; We are spirited and spontaneous
We drive transparency; We are ethical, responsible and honest