The Statisfy Story: On a Mission to Make Customer Success a Team Sport

By Munish Gandhi, Co-Founder/CEO, Statisfy

Munish Gandhi

When I  think about a winning team, I envision every player bringing their own strengths to the table and collaborating to adjust strategies based on the competition.  I believe it's about having the right mix of skills and knowing how and when to make those winning plays together.

To put it simply, a winning team has the right context and capabilities to make synchronized plays. 

And that’s a lot like Customer Success.

Done right, of course.

Delivering Customer Success is fundamentally a team sport – that’s the most important realization I had while facing challenges scaling up Productiv, my previous startup, and during my time as a Revenue Ops leader at LinkedIn.

And I’ve realized I’m not alone. 

I’ve discovered through many conversations that the idea of Customer Success as a Team Sport resonates with dozens of Customer Success and Revenue leaders across software companies large and small. 

And yet, all of us have struggled – and continue to struggle –  to deliver customer success at scale.

As the Founder and COO of Productiv, I often resorted to leveraging my strength in pattern-matching to deliver value to customers.  Having seen all our customer journeys from Day 1,  I could interpret customer context and work with account teams to co-create an effective account plan. 

But, let's face it – relying on me to do this wasn’t exactly a scalable business model.

Understanding the Reason Why Customer Success at Scale Fails

Looking back on our journey with Productiv, I could see where we fell short.

With all the changes - from what our customers cared about, to our product getting bigger, to how we interacted with them - we struggled to consistently show our value in a way that gelled with them. In many instances, we didn’t deliver value that they could easily explain to others. 

We missed the mark on understanding their journey - how their goals shifted over time, what they needed from us, and how they perceived our value.

When you're in the business of selling software, you're essentially selling a promise of change. It's the start of a journey - from implementation to adoption, from executive buy-in to tangible business outcomes aligned with what was initially promised. 

But, as with any journey, things can easily veer off course.

For instance, priorities shift, and key players at the client company move on to new roles. And sometimes, implementation and adoption lack the necessary resources. If you are not synchronized as a customer moves from sales to implementation to customer success to account management – each with its unique needs – customer context is lost. 

More importantly, relationships and context don’t transition.

At the heart of Customer Success as a philosophy is making customers successful in a constantly changing environment.

It’s about ensuring all customer-facing personnel: 

  • Bring the right competencies to elevate customer engagements, 
  • Understand exactly what they need to do,
  • Operate in tandem with other team members, and 
  • Adapt their engagement based on customer priorities and changing needs.

And doing so is no walk in the park.

Existing tools are systems of accountability built for Heads of Customer Success.  Many of them often overwhelm the daily users. They require a lot of data entry, yet provide limited insights to account teams to drive customer value and renewals.  They don’t help product teams to prioritize roadmap decisions. Or revenue teams to drive expansions. Or even marketing teams to drive advocacy.

The Statisfy Approach: Turning Customer Success into a Team Sport 

“Can we build something intelligent to help teams come together to scale customer value delivery? “

That's the question that got Navin, my CTO Co-founder, and me excited.

We asked ourselves: Can we solve this problem in a way that's 10x better than what's out there? 

After months of discussions, interviews, and technical evaluations, the answer was a resounding yes.

We truly believe that Generative AI is transformative in its capacity to orchestrate Customer Context at scale.

Built on the Statisfy Knowledge Graph, a dynamic workflow engine, and our LLM-powered assistant, 'Ask Stella', we are delivering a new approach to Customer Success – one that’s AI-powered and human-perfected.

Unlike traditional machine learning, which focuses on product feature utilization and customer health, our approach combines structured and unstructured data –  including product outcomes, customer feedback, relationship strength across CRM contacts, and more – to identify patterns and proactively address issues. 

Whether it's guiding customers back on track or enhancing relationships, we believe that contextual insights and automation hold the key to orchestrating the right customer experience and journey at each stage.

While AI excels at insights and automation, we recognize the irreplaceable role of human expertise in building relationships and driving outcomes. That's why we empower CSMs/AMs to take ownership of these critical aspects by freeing up their bandwidth to do just that.

With Statisfy, you can build a winning team of Customer Success Managers and Account Managers armed with the insights they need to drive customer value and strengthen relationships –  without the drudgery of repetitive work. And they play in lockstep with the Product, Revenue, and Marketing teams who are then able to grasp and action the Voice of the Customer with the depth and nuance they have been hungry for. 

As we unveil Statisfy to the world, we envision a world where enterprises can truly run Customer Success as a team sport – where innovation flourishes, where every employee is productive and feels empowered to leverage customer insights. 

We are on the brink of GPT-4o and in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime revolution to fundamentally alter the way work is done. At Statisfy, we are on a mission to make this revolution accessible to the Customer Success community. Join us and grab this moment of adrenaline rush. I promise it’s going to be exhilarating!

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